South Austin confectionery decorating star looks to grow


Christy Seguin said she has big plans for her artistic cake business, including a rose garden that will serve as a party venue to show off her dessert sculptures. (Maggie Quinlan / Community Impact Journal)

Christy Seguin is passionate about many things. In the decades between her first decorated Christmas tree cake at age 5 and the birthday cake she carved for one of Matthew McConaughey’s children, she’s thrown her head the first in several different careers. The pastry artist who lives in Dripping Springs worked as a personal trainer, realtor and owner of what she said was the largest women-owned landscaping company in eastern Tennessee before go back to decorating cakes.

When she posted a photo of a large realistic horse cake she made for her niece in 2011, requests started to come in almost immediately, she said. In 2013 she launched Cakes Rock and four years later got her space on South Congress Avenue.

Since opening her Cakes Rock store in 2017, she has been featured on Netflix and The Food Network and has been hired by celebrities. For guitarist Jimmie Vaughan’s 70th birthday last March, she and her team made a life-size cake replica of the white Fender electric guitar named after the musician. She has also decorated hundreds of more simplistic wedding and birthday cakes.

“You don’t buy a cake; you are ordering a work of art, ”Seguin said.

One of his team’s recent creations is a miniature version of the Alamo and Arneson River Theater in San Antonio, complete with running water for a miniature river walk. In the design, even the foliage of the trees was made of edible coconut fiber.

Seguin is looking to expand and is building a rose garden in a new location, which could also serve as a venue for small parties featuring his cakes.

Seguin’s goal is to make cakes that touch all the senses, she said, pointing out that she even made cakes that play music.

“The smells bring back memories,” Seguin said. “It can take you back to childhood.”

Where to look

“Sugar Rush”, Netflix, Season 2, Episode 6

For a science-themed episode of the original Netflix show “Sugar Rush,” Seguin competed for a prize of $ 10,000.

“Halloween Wars”, The Food Network, season 11, episodes 1-3

Seguin created a huge 80-pound cake sculpture competing for a prize of $ 25,000 during the final season of “Halloween Wars”.

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