Spring cleaning for children |


If you’re embarking on a spring cleaning project, involving children can teach them responsibility and other useful life skills.

Every parent knows that teaching a child to do a chore sometimes takes more work than doing it themselves, but spending a little extra time now can help them become great housekeepers as they grow. grow up. An older child who is developing useful skills such as fixing bikes or maintaining the lawn might even start their own summer business.

Once your kids learn new cleaning skills, they will be able to help more around the house on an ongoing basis. (Now is a great time to make a daily or weekly task chart, if you haven’t already.)

For health and safety, have children use all-natural cleaning products whenever possible, such as diluted vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and toothpaste (for polishing metal surfaces such as door handles and light fixtures).

Set each child up with a basket of cleaning supplies they will need to do their job. Here’s a list of chore ideas for little hands to get you started.

younger children

• Wash windows and window sills.

• Sorting dirty laundry and removing clean laundry from the dryer.

• Dust baseboards and furniture and wipe down doorknobs and light switches.

• Wipe down kitchen cabinets.

• Sort books and magazines.

• Sweep, vacuum and


• Pull weeds and water flowers and houseplants.

• Sort shoes and store winter boots.

• Wipe down outdoor toys.

• Put away the winter clothes and take out the spring wardrobe.

• Use a broom to remove cobwebs from porches and overhangs.

older children

• Wash and vacuum the car.

• Cleaning of bathrooms.

• Clean and vacuum under sofa cushions.

• Clean and dry refrigerator shelves and drawers.

• Deep cleaning microwave and stove.

• Change sheets and wash clothes.

• Mow the lawn and help with yard work, such as weeding, planting bulbs or laying mulch.

• Sweep patio or deck and wipe down outdoor furniture.

• Clean pet houses and wash pet beds.

• Perform maintenance and simple repairs on sports equipment and bicycles, such as airing a basketball or replacing bicycle brakes.


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