Stacey Dooley’s home renovation seriously worried fans after spotting a crucial detail


Stacey dooley gave fans a glimpse of her home renovations, but some followers felt apprehensive after spotting her floor.

The TV presenter shared the snap on her Instagram account, showing off her new living room floor. Some tiles have not yet been placed and the whole transformation is still in progress.

The photo shows a mix of parquet and cushion insulation. Its caption also hinted that the renovations weren’t a simple job.

Stacey gave fans an update on her home renovations (Credit: Stacey Dooley / Instagram)

“Alright, alright, alright, alright thank you,” she wrote alongside the post.

Stacey’s followers have expressed concerns in the comments.

One person wrote: “Bad laying rules for the floor. “

A second commenter added: “Someone did a shitty job of isolating Stacey x”

Another follower explained why some fans were concerned: “The Celotex needs to be properly installed with no gaps… and use foam in between if necessary, otherwise what’s the use of insulation if the cold gets through the gaps. “

Stacey Dooley renovates her home with her partner Kevin Clifton (Photo credit: Stacey Dooley / Instagram)
Stacey Dooley renovates her home with her partner Kevin Clifton (Credit: Stacey Dooley / Instagram)

And someone else wrote, “Please stop commenting on insulation it’s better than nothing.”

However, Stacey’s comment section was also filled with supporting comments.

“It’s going to be beautiful when it’s over,” said one subscriber.

“It’s going to be gorgeous when done,” wrote another.

A third fan shared, “Oooh I love a project.”

It is not known at what point during the renovations the photo of Stacey was taken.

Sylvia James, interior design expert at How to make homemade clarified that the “spaces” in the image are not actually spaces, they are the wooden joists of the floor.

Some fans were concerned about Stacey's floor (Credit: Alamy)
Some fans were concerned about Stacey’s floor (Credit: Alamy)

James urges people to remember that the posted image is still a work in progress, however. “It’s important to note that no one is claiming that the work being done is completely done. In fact, with the caption, this is clearly just a simple progress photo.

“In the picture, between each Celotex is the wooden floor joist, leaving no choice but to lay the Celotex in this way. There are indeed no gaps. If the Celotex is tight against the wood, no drafts will be able to enter through the planks.

Stacey and her partner, former Come dance strictly professional Kevin Clifton, haven’t shared many snaps of their new home together.

The couple reunited after winning the 2018 BBC Dance Competition Series round.

The couple went into seclusion during the lockdown at Stacey’s London apartment. They finally decided to move into a new property together in 2020.

The 33-year-old posted the news on Instagram. “Feel so lucky and excited. I never had my own front door or my own garden as an adult until now!

We can’t wait to see the house once it’s completed!


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