Taranaki’s dad angry at kitchen chores chased twins with an ax


Anthony Dwayne Perrett appeared in New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday. Photo / Tara Shaskey

A father furious that kitchen chores weren’t being done grabbed an ax and threatened to chop up one of his twin sons, before assaulting them both and chasing them with the tool.

Anthony Dwayne Perrett launched his violent tirade by punching holes in a wall at their Norfolk home, Taranaki, after a verbal argument broke out between the trio.

He then grabbed the ax and began swinging it against the wall, Judge Gregory Hikaka told New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday.

Perrett, 41, was angry at “who didn’t do the dishes or empty the sink,” the judge said of the Oct. 31, 2021, incident.

“Pretty petty stuff but it escalated, obviously.”

Perrett, armed with an axe, threatened to cut up one of the twins, who is 19, before the boys attempted to evict him from the address,” Judge Hikaka said.

But Perrett got in the way and grabbed one of them by his shirt and started shoving him.

The other twin stepped in and pushed their father in an effort to break his grip.

Perrett then took off his shirt and wrapped it around his knuckles. He kicked the intervening twin, but missed.

The boys jumped on their father to prevent him from attacking them further.

But Perrett managed to land another punch, connecting with the head of one of the twins, and elbowed the other to the side of the face.

He told the boys they had 10 minutes to leave or he would kill them, then chased them down the driveway while brandishing the axe.

Later that night, Perrett continued his abuse with text messages to the twins, threatening to kill them if they returned.

One of the boys suffered swelling and bruising on the side of his face during the fight.

In court, Judge Hikaka said the twins had been staying with Perrett for a few months at the time of the incident.

Before that, he hadn’t spent much time with them.

The judge said any questions the boys might have had about why their parents were no longer together would now be answered.

“I think you showed them why you and their mom aren’t together by those actions. But they’re older now and able to make their own assessments.”

Perrett had accumulated 57 convictions between 1998 and 2019, including 12 for violence.

It was time for him to face the triggers that saw him turn physical when he found himself in a heated situation, Judge Hikaka advised.

“Maybe some of the things you put in your body are triggering some of your actions,” he said, adding that Perrett needed to address his drinking.

A pre-sentence report recommended a sentence of house arrest, but Judge Hikaka stepped back, noting Perrett’s remorse, work prospects and a successful restorative justice meeting between the three.

On two counts of assault on a person in a domestic relationship and two for threatening to kill Perrett was sentenced to 12 months of intensive supervision and three months of community detention.

Perrett asked the judge if he was now able to talk to his sons after a no contact order was put in place while he was out on bail.

Judge Hikaka said he could only contact them with prior approval from his probation officer.


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