The 5 Best Home Improvement Shows Worth Watching Right Now


Be swept away in enchanting Ireland with every episode of Dermot Bannon’s ‘Room to Improve’. A longtime favorite, the professional architect and TV host focuses on new ways to experience architectural design without going over budget. With twelve seasons (since 2007), there are plenty of episodes to binge.

Bannon often stresses the benefit of creating additions to a home, including large windows, lots of natural light, and open concepts with hallways that often lead to interior gardens. Bannon said people are currently looking for warmth and comfort over aesthetics in their home, or substance over style, which the designer adheres to with every renovation (via The Journal).

With his charming Irish accent, Bannon is best known for his role in ‘Room to Improve’, as he covers various rural and urban areas in Dublin, Tipperary and elsewhere. Keeping it simple, Bannon draws viewers in with its contemporary, minimalist designs that are both practical and functional. Clients benefit from his architectural background and insightful vision with a sincere vibe. A relaxing and inspiring global program, many viewers can’t get enough of Bannon’s work ethic and design expertise, not to mention the show’s European charm.


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