The spooky 3-foot-tall animatronic ghost decoration plays the “Ghostbusters” theme song.


Recently, on the Ghostbusters YouTube News and ICT Tac channels, we featured a popular set of decorative Halloween lights that played Ray Parker Jr.’s classic tune,”ghost hunters.”

While the ghosts sing “Ghostbusters” Seems a bit counterproductive, this seems to be a growing trend as a 3ft tall animatronic was found in the Menards home improvement store.

franchise group Ozark Ghostbusters wrote, telling us about the find, even sharing a video of the ghost rocking back and forth, with a glowing skull and bucket, while letting us know bustin’ feels good.

As the video shows, unlike those ghost string lights, this larger-scale offering opted to save a few bucks, by laying off a cover song rather than retaining the angelic voice of Ray Parker.

Normally priced at $79.99, the Pumpkin Hollow 36″ Animated Ghost does not only appear in store, but is also available for purchase online.

As mentioned, our in-store discovery of the luminous singing ghost lights has exploded on social media, amassing over half a million views since its original upload earlier in the week. From there, we’ve run them through a traditional unboxing and review, which if you haven’t watched yet, can be found below.


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