These detailed product designs complement your home furnishings to make it an inclusive interior design


Furniture and Accessories – IKEA made a fortune selling us products and accessorizing these designs! In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I have more chair accents, pillow cases, or even tableware rather than my actual number of furniture. Studio Fountain believes the furniture is 90% complete. As for the remaining 10%, they designed a series called 10% furniture!

The series consists of four unique shapes. The former is 1 / 8th of a sphere, made of a soft, foamy material that fits snugly around the edge of our sharp surfaces – whether it’s a table, cabinet, or stray shelf. . Second in line is a twisted ring design that sits more comfortably on your doorknob. No need to accidentally knock on doors and wake baby up! The third in a row is a soft wedge to stop those annoying rocking tables without measuring the exact wedge size every time. And finally, we have a cube with cutouts that allow the leg of your chair, table, stool to slip easily and keep your floor safe from scratching noises as well as marks.

Almost whimsical in design, 10% furniture is attention to detail at its best. Small Product Designs make small changes to your usual furniture to make it 100% more user-friendly, we are ready to do it!

Designer: Sol with Studio Fountain


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