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Anyone who hasn’t hibernated under a large enough rock in the past few years will have noticed that TikTok has become the social media platform that defines the times. While in essence the app is little more than the dearly vanished “Vine” with a fresh coat of paint, something has captured the imaginations of millions of young people around the world. And it’s not just teenagers who are inspired by it either.

Indeed, thousands of interior design enthusiasts have started using the Chinese social media platform as an idea board for their own home improvement ideas.

How social media can influence style and trends

Over the past few years, we’ve turned to magazines for design inspiration. But today we have literally millions of stylish homes to browse and steal ideas at our fingertips around the clock with our smartphones. The favorite places for ideas were always Instagram or Pinterest but recently TikTok has moved beyond even these pillars of social media.

The rise in TikTok housing trends

Search from the comparison site confus.com found that #diy had been trending with over 107 billion views earlier this year. Videos viewed showed users doing everything from installing walk-in showers to viewing subscribers how to apply shower sealants. It’s a hyper-condensed version of the YouTube tutorial craze that took the world by storm a few years ago and it’s starting to have a serious impact on the way people redecorate.

Popular decorating trends on TikTok understand:-

  • Flower walls, a trend that currently has more than 30 million views. Of course, if you can’t afford real flowers, there are plenty of options for floral wallpaper.
  • Recycled pallet furniture is another popular trend on the app and has seen it all from coffee tables to beds made from recycled wood pallets.
  • Mirrors are also a big deal on TikTok. Everything from DIY light bulb mirrors to mirror walls.

Know your limits

While you can understandably call it a little more than a little harmless fun, TikTok trends can actually be bad for your home in certain situations. Indeed, research has shown that 39% of TikTok’s so-called DIY “hacks” are actually likely to damage your home in the long run.

The key is knowing which trends are going to work and which aren’t. Because a Bauhaus Gothic style design may look cool, but the reality is quite another thing. If you don’t know what you’re doing and follow random advice, you could get hurt or damage your home. This is why we recommend that you always seek the advice of an expert before trying a TikTok Design Ideas on your own home.


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