Top 5 decorating trends to warm up your home this winter


We bring you the top five interior trends and products that caught our attention this season.

Commodities earn a solid reputation

New obsessions of the season, barely sculpted furniture favors its materiality. Left unfinished for a raw and textured appearance, a plaster side table or a concrete decorative object seem to borrow the codes of an almost rudimentary vocabulary to better anchor themselves in modernity.

danish brand Farm LivingThe T-Shaped Brutalist Mineral Sculptural Table in Bianco Curia Marble features rough, hand-chiseled edges, making each piece unique.

Celebrating 10 years of Tunisian craftsmanship, Rock the KasbahThe Mediterranean-inspired No. 2 Lamp with a palm fiber shade and green glazed ceramic base offers a rustic, carefree look perfect for seaside living, while the cage-shaped Magali pendant in rattan by Lucid fits perfectly in a country house.

The oversized and heavy look triumphs in the seats

In the wake of the pandemic, the trend towards total comfort has accelerated. Sofas, armchairs, poufs and other living room furniture took on voluminous, domed, pebbled or tube shapes in response to the sudden need to summon soft shapes for everyday use.

Indispensable, young and established brands adopt this soft seat model, like pH collectionthe puffy and cozy Cloud sofa, EichholtzThe Bollinger swivel chair in cream bouclé with generous and enveloping curves, JF The Reborn Housethe comfortable large family sofa and BlackThe glamorous Kri sofa in quilted velvet.

Sculptural furniture makes its show

No longer content with their utilitarian status, vases, tables and chairs are transformed into precious, but much more affordable works of art. Perfectly in tune with the times, their audacious and refined silhouettes seduce and captivate.

Inspired by ancient Chinese vases, the one meter tall, elegantly carved Sphere Ceramic Vase, Bubl Giant by 101 Copenhagen offers a strong visual language of smooth shapes and sharp edges.

Reissue of four historical pieces by Aldo Rossi, UniForThe Parigi reclining geometric chair features a red rectangular seat and back interrupted by two dynamic curves forming the black aluminum arms and front legs.

Anchored to the ground with a strong presence, Dada HouseThe Sumo armchair by is enhanced by an enveloping backrest, while Parisian HouseThe Möbius console is an endless loop mixing interior and exterior by Pierre Renart, which combines traditional woodworking with new technologies.

Organic shapes invade our decor

Sinuous forms inherited from nature are essential in our decor. Both small and large objects thus display an irregular appearance, highlighting the most fashionable materials of the moment.

Handmade in Paris by John Roger, Laura GonzalezAcropora glazed earthenware candlesticks look like a living form between a cactus and a coral.

Market SetThe undulating Rivage d’ luminaires in thermoformed Varian sheets – a material combining linen with biodegradable PLA invented by Culture iN – evoke the traces of the ocean moving away from the sand, while Pascal Morin draws inspiration from the land and sea of ​​his native Brittany to imagine delicate porcelain pieces such as the Astre aux Dottelés sculpture in the guise of a sea creature.

The decor rounds off its sharp angles

This season, our interiors are dressed in soft, undulating shapes to better welcome us. With winter fast approaching, we want to curl up in furniture with curved profiles.

Join two Big Talk geometric lounge chairs in Bla Station for a snake-like creation similar to a Victorian loveseat.

In tribute to the great Italian architect Gio Ponti, Molteni&C|Dada reproduces his Round D.154.5 chair in the shape of a soap bar originally designed in 1954 as a declaration of stylistic freedom after the end of the Second World War and the availability of innovative materials and technologies.

Drawing on its jewelry heritage, Kopar embraces the uniqueness and allure of aged brass and copper to create unique round tables, while BibeloThe minimalist and graphic Surface wall shelf and console table are constructed from two flat stone-like surfaces.


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