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SIOUX CITY — On Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You” television series, Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder used his business background to convince corporations to employ increasingly outlandish strategies to try to get ahead. ‘before.

In one instance, he and a cafe owner opened a bistro that parodies Starbucks while another episode found Fielder pushing the boundaries of pizza delivery times. In the show’s third season, Fielder helped out a moving company by providing them with free labor by creating a fitness routine that involved moving furniture around the house. .

Several Sioux City coaches agree that while moving a couch or hauling boxes around your house aren’t perfect substitutes for a trip to the gym, such “chores” can be good working hours. outside of the day to help people stay active during the winter months. when going out is more difficult. We chatted with these fitness experts to see what can come in handy when the cold is too much to bear and people just want to hide at home.

What are some more traditional exercises that people can do at home without a lot of equipment?

How beneficial is something like shoveling snow in the winter?

Is cleaning a useful physical activity for people?

Does carrying groceries have a real advantage or is it too punctuated an activity?

Would you say this is the hardest time of year for people to stay active?

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