Two leading sleep product providers merge to become Rize Home


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Two leading sleep product providers have merged to become Rize Home.

Rize, formerly known as Mantua, and Glideaway have just completed the merger to become a $150 million company selling through 3,000 retailers with over 20,000 storefronts.

The two third-generation family businesses have been “respectful” competitors for years, both selling bed frames, adjustable bases, mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, David Jaffe, CEO of Rize, and Zev Fredman, President of Glideaway, began having daily conversations centered around managing the challenges of the pandemic.

“I found these conversations incredibly helpful,” Jaffe said. “We started sharing best practices and strategies that worked. These conversations have started a deeper conversation about what’s good for our respective businesses and what we see in the future.

For Fredman, the ongoing sharing of ideas was a way to brainstorm with a colleague with similar concerns and challenges.

“Our conversations have been very helpful,” Fredman said. “The week COVID arrived, everything seemed to be fine; the following week, that all changed. When David reached out, it was such a relief to speak with someone who was dealing with the same strangers. As our conversations continued, the scope started to expand, and here we are.

Under the Rize Home corporate name, the company will continue to produce Glideaway branded products and Rize products. Jaffe said the new company name is a “combination of the best of both brands” and provides flexibility for the company to expand into additional categories. Rize expanded into the upholstered bed category in 2021.

“Glideaway is a trust mark and Rize is a trust mark,” he said. “They will continue with Rize Home as a global brand.”

Rick Sterzer, executive vice president of sales, said the combined sales force gives the company the ability to foster closer relationships with retail customers.

“From a combined sales organization, we have products in over 20,000 stores,” he said. “We will be better equipped to focus on these relationships and support our reps with improved training and smaller regional teams to help drive sales.”

“Our goal is not to reduce headcount or attrition,” Jaffe said. “This merger allows us to scale the business, not create a small company. It’s about expanding categories, expanding territories, expanding sales channels, and expanding research and marketing. product development.”

Under the new corporate name of Rize Home, Jaffe is CEO; Fredman is chief financial officer; Marc Spector, former president of Rize, becomes president of the new organization; and Sterzer retains his title of executive vice president of sales.

Rize Home operates manufacturing facilities in St. Louis, Missouri; Cleveland; and Houston. The company has distribution centers in Tampa, Florida, Seattle and California.

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