Ty Pennington reveals major home renovation project for his new wife


Ty Pennington’s wife Kellee Merrell may be a social media manager, but she’s now also testing her hand in home renovations. After the newlyweds bought a gorgeous 19th century home in Savannah, Georgia, they worked hard to turn the property into their dream home, and the HGTV star recently took to social media to show fans about his wife’s latest renovation project: the bathroom.

In a Monday, Jan. 31, update, Pennington kept his promise to “try harder to show you the design process” by sharing a gallery of images highlighting his new bride’s vision for his bathroom. bath. Sharing everything from a photo of himself deftly installing tile on the floor to Merrell’s “bathroom moodboard,” Pennington teased in the caption, “next in the main house is the my wife’s bathroom…yes we have separate bathrooms!” As part of her vision, Merrell opts for neutral tones and a checkered tiled floor. However, Pennington explained that the project is “not as much of an overhaul” as other projects at the house.

“The tub/shower tile had recently been replaced and although it wasn’t Kellee’s first choice, she said there was no point in ripping it out, so we’re leaving it as is (we just changed the tap for gold instead of chrome),” he continued. “Kellee prefers tubs to showers, so there’s no need for glass or a shower curtain. To break up the white tile, we’ll hang some artwork above the tub, do a whitewash creamy on the walls, harlequin marble floors and a new vanity with a stone sink.”

It was the latest renovation update for Pennington, who bought the Savannah, Georgia home with then-girlfriend Merrell amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, Pennington admitted he realized “I’ve been kind of a bad Instagrammer. I just finished some renovations but I don’t show ‘before’ or much of the process. ” He vowed to “try my best to try harder to move forward. Sometimes it’s hard to balance everything, but wish me luck ha!” Just this month, Pennington opened up about renovations he and his wife are planning for the car shed on their property, as well as their finished bedroom.

Pennington first met Merrell, who is from Vancouver, in 2010 while filming a TV show in Toronto. Although romance didn’t immediately erupt when they first met, the two kept in touch over the next few years through mutual friends, with the romance finally blossoming in 2020 when they decided to self-quarantine. together amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After Pennington proposed this summer, the couple tied the knot at their Georgia home in December.


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