Why force women to perform tasks by hand?

There’s this tweet where a man tweeted: “Those who grew up eating idlis, dosas, coconut curries… ground on this stone, will know that no electric blender can even create this magic . Breakdown science is different. The wisdom of the ancestors is different. Have a great Saturday,” accompanied by a photo of a woman (obviously) grinding dough on a stone hand grinder.

Luckily, women on social media are quick to catch those men who like to burden their wives with extra household chores.

I can never forget the Malayalam movie’Great Indian cuisinethe story of every Indian household, that drudgery that the women of this country perform every day in the name of sanskar, duty and “all good women will do it”.

When I got married, I barely knew how to cook, let alone prepare three full meals a day. And I thought I didn’t have the skills to run a household. I also thought why my parents didn’t insist that I learn how to prepare, cook, bake, etc. After years, I became wiser and realized that my parents wanted me to do more than just be locked in a kitchen and set me up for that. How grateful I am for their foresight!

Why is it exactly a woman’s job to do all the household chores?

How and when was this decision made and by whom? Now, even in these times when women hold high positions as men, earning as much if not more than men, they have to go home and do the cooking, cleaning, laundry and childcare as well? I loved what one woman wrote in response: “Life should be made easier for men. Never for women,” added another, “Life should be made easier; tastier; pleasant; exciting and comfortable for men… at the expense of women… This is the goal of the whole universe. This is the belief of the guys.

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Why do men have the right to decide?

Do men like whoever tweeted; for once they entered kitchen? Tried to do what women do every day there? I could totally relate when another woman tweeted, “My dad used to torture my mom to grind chutney and masala in the millstone and we all suffered because of it. My mother, a working woman, was grinding things early in the morning while preparing food. It is a punishment for anyone who does this hard work. I was able to imagine this scenario through the actor who did everything by hand in the film ‘Great Indian cuisine because her stepfather didn’t like pressure cooker rice or blender ground chutneys. And because she had to do all of this, she was not allowed to work outside. Commenting on the role of men in household chores, one wrote: “Yes and it is always those who have never contributed to household chores who make these titled statements.

An image from The Great Indian Cuisine. Photo credit: YouTube

The wonders of a woman’s hand

Continuing this conversation, another woman wrote: “Similar people: Atta ghar ka pisa better hey. Kapde haath he dhule zyada achche saaf hote hain. Achar ghak ka dala, dhoop mein paka zyada swad hota hai. Chutney silbatte ki zyada badiya hoti hai. “It’s so annoying how people glorify drudgery. To put it mildly silbatti ka chutney is no better. He is. But it should be a fancy meal cooked once a week, by someone who cooks nothing else. replied a Twitter user. Another wrote: “Also includes older women…. Humara zamana and humne toh etc etc” wrote commenting on the role of matriarchs in households.

This woman is right, you know, the older women in the family instead of freeing the next generation of women from this drudgery will gladly force them into it to maintain the grip of the family. No one is unknown; it’s something that our daily soaps also offer. I would like to end this section with this tweet, which even gets my goat, “The other thing that gets my goat is the need for hot roasts directly from the towa!”

Why force women to perform tasks by hand? Terminate this right

You might ask how? Well, one woman tweeted: “My atta comes from a bundle, the clothes are washed in the washing machine then dried in a dryer. The dishes are loaded to be washed in the dishwasher. I buy ready to pour milk so no ready to boil dahi and ready to use idli/dosa batter. Ready made pickles and papad too!” I am not proposing to do away with household responsibilities altogether, but ask the men and boys in your house to help you, ask them to grind the chutney on the if he beat for a change, use all the modern devices at your disposal, because I totally agree when a woman wrote: “Yes! Tie your life to food/housework schedules, then judge those who make their lives easier and spend time on other things with modern conveniences. In fact, I had an hour-long conversation about the debate between semi-automatic and automatic washing machines”.

Towards the end, I want to add what the first woman who tagged this man’s tweet wrote: “I’m sure this gentleman’s family would cherish a breakfast cooked by him in the traditional way.” I can’t help but smile imagining this.

And so what can you do with the remaining chore time, well, pursue your interests instead, hang out, make time for your girlfriends, go see a movie or something.

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