“You are raising a kid who has rights”


A mom is under fire because she hasn’t forcing daughter to do chores with a family member residence.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh, and it did not go well. The mom stays at his brother’s house with his daughter after going through some tough times. His sister-in-law needs all the children home to do chores. But when the Reddit the poster girl refused, the mother sided with her daughter, so the sister-in-law imposed consequences.

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“I’m 36 and my daughter is 16,” she said. wrote. “His father and I flipped over ten years ago and shared custody. Since the pandemic, she’s been with him, and now he’s living out of the country, so she’s with me full time. Since covid, my finances have taken a hit. My ex couldn’t help me much, and my brother and wife had room and needed help with the kids, so I moved there. SIL[’]s brother died of covid, leaving her children aged 4 and 6 with her and her husband, who already had 3 children of their own, 17, 13 and 15. My brother is a doctor and his wife needed a lot of help. I helped as much as I could during my stay here.

“She and I bumped into each other a lot of times since our parenting styles are different, I think kids should spend more time being kids and not washing a million dishes after dinner. She had a system, a board of chores. Every two weeks it changes. Everyone’s on the board, and her kids don’t care as much, but I do. Since my ex left, my daughter is with me. She hates the board and feels like it’s crazy for her to clean up after everyone else like washing dishes or vacuuming.

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When her daughter refused to do chores, the Reddit poster didn’t think it was a big deal OK.

“One night my daughter didn’t do the dishes, and my SIL grabbed her before bed and asked her why,” she says. Explain. “My daughter told him she didn’t want to do them. SIL said she had to make them because she’s out of the mess, and SIL can’t cook breakfast in a dirty kitchen. An argument started and I went home. I talked about my SIL, saying it’s really unfair because she’s just one person and doesn’t do big damage, and my daughter said she’s not part of that family unit . SIL said okay and did the dishes herself. From that moment, my daughter is no longer invited to play family activities. SIL normally prepares treats for his church and the children help.

“My daughter loves it too, but they started without her, and when she arrived she never had her normal duties. SIL took the kids out most Saturdays for fun. My daughter was not guest Older children are cold [to] my daughter because of the way she yelled at their mother. I think it’s ridiculous to exclude my daughter from all this. I told my brother, who says these are family activities, and since my daughter is not part of the family unit and pulls her weight during the hard parts, she can’t enjoy either good parts, especially since I don’t bring in all [money].”

The editors felt the mother was being unfair.

“She said she’s not part of this family, now they treat her like that,” one person said. commented.

“You trade chores fairly, you don’t ignore them. Especially in such a big household, everyone needs to participate,” said one user. wrote.

“You are raising a kid who has rights”, another said.

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